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The Survey Institute of Zimbabwe (SIZ) is a body representing the interests of surveying and spatial science professionals, combining the disciplines of land surveying, engineering & mining surveying and spatial information management.


Our Mission

To continuosly develop and raise the profile of geo-spatial engineering disciplines in Zimbabwe to enable sustainable delivery of professional services.

Our Vision

To be the prime reference body fostering a common understanding of all geo-spatial engineering disciplines in Zimbabwe in line with international standards.


To promote interest in surveying and enhance the usefulness of this profession to the public; To further the professional and technical knowledge, and thereby enhancing


Engineering & Topographical Survey

This usually involves the production of site plans to be used for design and reference purposes in engineering projects. Projects need setting out on the actual ground after designing . This applies to any substantial structures we see around us, be it a dam, bridge tunnel or sky-scrappers. Even after the construction process itself, the structures require careful and continuous monitoring to avert danger.

Mine Survey

The safety and productivity of mines depends on the mine surveyors. Often working in very arduous conditions, they prepare plans of underground and surface works, control tunneling and cutting operations, and where necessary calculate precise areas and volumes.

Land Survey

This covers mainly cadastral surveys. Routine tasks include surveying new land parcels, subdivision and consolidation of land, relocation of beacons and resolution of boundary disputes. This requires an understanding of the legal framework regarding land and practical surveying skills. In order to practise as a Land Surveyor registration with the Council of Land Surveyors is mandatory.

Spatial Information Management

Spatial refers to place, space or location. Since everything is “somewhere” on the earth’s surface, spatial information and spatial technologies have broad ranging and important uses. The spatial industry helps us understand our world, its people and solve issues relating to the environment, hazards and development from community to a global scale.

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